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Family Law

Family law covers legal issues spanning from child custody, to marriage planning, to divorce. Family law issues, such as parental rights and legal privileges related to spouses, are typically defined by state law, although some general trends apply nationwide.

To get you started on a deeper understanding of family law, we’ve compiled a few scholarly articles that explain some of the finer legal points. These articles are provided by Aspatore Law Books, part of Thomson Reuters, and are made available on the web for the first time here, for you. Aspatore books were originally created for a legal professional audience, but have since become popular with non-attorneys thanks to easy-to-understand writing and smart, real-world insights.

Learn More about Family Law:

  • Collaborative Family Law Basics
    Collaborative family law is a method of resolving family law disputes where all parties commit to solving their issues out of court. This article will give you basic information about the method and how it is used.
  • The Collaborative Family Law Process
    Learn how to initiate the collaborative family law process and the roles of the parties, attorneys, and court.
  • International Custody Issues Overview
    International and interstate child custody issues are becoming more common as moving between different states, and countries, becomes easier. In this article you’ll learn about common issues specific to international custody disputes.
  • Attorneys and Family Law Practice
    In this article, originally intended for attorneys, you’ll learn about the common challenges attorneys face in family law practice. This overview will help you understand how to better interact with your family law attorney by better understanding the unique challenges in practicing family law.
  • Tips for Resolving Your Family Law Matter
    This overview article gives quick tips for handling a family law matter, from dealing with the emotional aspects, to working with the court, to understanding how to work with your attorney during your divorce.
  • Trends in Same-Sex Marriage Law
    The law surrounding same-sex marriage and domestic relations practice is changing rapidly. This article explains some of the most recent developments.
  • Ethics and Modern Family Law
    Advances in technology and the proliferation of social media have led to some interesting ethical challenges in pursuing a family law case. This article considers the ethical implications of actions like spying on your soon-to-be-former spouse via social media and how it might affect your case.
  • Adoption and Surrogacy Overview
    Adoption and surrogacy cases can be very complex. This article gives an overview of some of the intricacies of these kinds of cases and how lawyers prepare for those challenges.

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