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Education Law

Education law covers the rules and regulations that govern schools and teachers, as well as your child or children while they are students. Education law is a complex legal web of local, state, and federal laws.

To get you started on a deeper understanding of education law, we’ve compiled a few scholarly articles that explain some of the finer legal points. These articles are provided by Aspatore Law Books, part of Thomson Reuters, and are made available on the web for the first time here, for you. Aspatore books were originally created for a legal professional audience, but have since become popular with non-attorneys thanks to easy-to-understand writing and smart, real-world insights.

Learn More about Education Law:

  • The Evolution of School Security
    One of the most significant changes in school security over the past decade has been the evolution of emergency response training and emergency plans in the wake of extraordinary tragedies experienced around the world. Learn more about this security evolution in this article.
  • Sexual Misconduct by Teachers
    Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse by an educator, is a significant safety issue for elementary and secondary schools. Learn more about this growing legal issue in this article.
  • School Safety after Sandy Hook
    Get an overview of school safety efforts post-Sandy Hook, focusing on what trends can be seen as well as how these school safety issues may be addressed in the future.
  • Trends in Educating Special Needs Children
    Learn from a school district attorney what she sees as the positive and negative legal trends in special needs education.

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